A new voice for Suffolk Coastal

As a General Election gets closer, our voting system still favours the two parties that have governed Britain for nearly 100 years. This time the winner will probably be Labour. But Parliament will be better for us all if the familiar voices and similar policies of the two old parties are not the only ones heard.

Last year the Green Party defeated Conservative majorities in two Suffolk district councils, and the people of Suffolk elected 60 Green councillors. Greens are the fastest-growing political movement here because the Tories have failed us locally and nationally, and Labour offers too little change. Now you have a chance to elect a Green MP.

This website asks you to consider voting for Julian Cusack, and tells you about him and about the Green Party's social, economic and environmental goals. They are the ideas that he would take to Westminster and fight for. He is experienced and energetic, and would work hard locally for everyone in Suffolk Coastal however they voted.

Julian Cusack

Julian Cusack is a widely experienced local councillor, business leader and charity volunteer. He is a former Suffolk County councillor, a member of the national Executive Committee of the Green Party of England and Wales and Chair of the party in Suffolk Coastal.

Julian Cusack
Infographic showing how the Green Party is delivering more than the Conservative Party