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Rachel Smith-Lyte: District Councillor for Melton Ward

An East Suffolk native, Rachel attended Farlingaye High school and has since worked for an environmental conservation charity in Norwich and at RSPB Minsmere, as well as in the Far East teaching street kids amongst other occupations.

A long-time activist with Greenpeace and later Extinction Rebellion, she realised that with the looming climate and biodiversity crisis, she needed to get involved politically.  She joined the Green Party in 2011 and has stood three times in local elections and in the 2015 and 2019 General Elections gaining 6% of the vote share thus retaining the Party's deposit for the first time in the area. In May 2019 she secured her first seat - on East Suffolk Council - the first Green to be elected in the old Suffolk Coastal district. She is passionate about protecting the area's natural environment from inappropriate development and the links between sustainable transport and improved air quality. Her other interests include localism and 'passiv haus' affordable housing as part of a post-growth society.

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One thought on “Rachel Smith-Lyte: District Councillor for Melton Ward

  1. I wish to raise concerns over the removal of a hedge and its replacement with an ugly wooden fence around an industrial unit in Wilford Bridge Road in Melton. There are several points to be made.A plain wooden fence instead of a hedge is hardly environmentally friendly. It will cause a decline in property prices. I fear that a large section of fencing could be a blank canvas that could be an attractive site for would-be graffiti “artists” or spray painters.. Perhaps you could find out how this has been allowed to happen and what can be done about it? East Anglian Daily Times?.Radio Suffolk?

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