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While we are fortunate in Suffolk Coastal to live in a beautiful area, there are many important local issues that need dealing with.  We Greens are involved with both environmental and social problems.  Here are just some.


We are not in favour of huge new developments, such as those planned for Felixstowe and Martlesham, where the infrastructure  is already overloaded and public transport is poor.  Residents in Martlesham have told us that the drains have been an ongoing problem.  They also hugely value their existing green space.  Villages and towns need to grow organically, with affordable homes where the need is greatest. 

Help us to put pressure on planners to ensure that local needs are catered for.

Post Offices

We are enormously concerned at the loss of our post offices and local shops in many of our villages and towns.  These are not just of practical value to residents, but also act as a social meeting place, helping to prevent feelings of isolation, especially in rural areas.  The Green Party has pledged to support local post offices. 

Help us to bring them back!


Greens are against supermarkets that put local shops out of business.  Suffolk Coastal District Council passed the Tesco plans for Saxmundham, despite the fact that many residents told us that they didn't want another supermarket.  Residents value their small, individual shops and don't want to see them vanish.

Help Greens to assist local people in fighting unwanted supermarkets!


The Green Party is committed to protecting the NHS.  We also want to put more emphasis on preventative healthcare and include complementary approaches where these are known to work.

Help us protect our NHS!


Greens say a big 'yes' to renewables.  Suffolk Coastal is ideally suited to the creation of sources of renewable energy and the Green Party is committed to investing in these new technologies.  Offshore wind is already providing many new jobs and these will increase.  Local Greens are particularly keen to see investment in other renewables such as anaerobic digestion systems, ideally suited to our rural environment and offering farmers the opportunity to diversify.

Help us increase job opportunities in Suffolk Coastal

New nuclear power stations at Sizewell

Local Greens sent an 8-page report objecting to many points made in the Draft Nuclear Policy Statement, particularly with reference to Sizewell on our Suffolk coast.  More recently they have taken part in Stage 1 Consultation.  Sizewell has already been selected as 'suitable' for two new nuclear power stations, despite the fact that it is in an Area of Outstanding National Beauty (AONB), would irreparably damage a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) and will very likely cause harm to at least 6 other nearby ecological habitats, all with special European designations.  Moreover, the government still has not solved the terrible problem of what to do with high-level radioactive waste.  As for jobs, EDF is a French company, likely to bring in their own highly skilled workforce.  Let's put the billions being thrown at nuclear into renewables, guaranteeing long-term employment for local people.

Help us save our heritage coast and campaign against new nuclear build!

Coastal defences

While some hard defences are unavoidable to protect people, farmland, property and rare habitats, Greens say that we must all take climate much more seriously and make drastic cuts to CO2 and other greenhouse gas emissions.  If we put our efforts into this, then the chances are that any rise in sea levels will be minimised.

Help us persuade people to keep their carbon footprint as light as possible.





What we stand for

We stand for a fair, sustainable future for all.

We believe in the Common Good.

A vote for the Green Party is a vote for the Common Good.

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