We need a website manager and / or a Social Media geek!

8 February 2017

Suffolk Coastal Green Party is looking for a motivated and commited volunteer to manage day to day running of our website and social media profiles.

This work could in fact be done by two people. It is is essential to our 2017 local election campaign and you will be working closely with Eamonn O'Nolan, our local Chairman, and our Comm's officer. The successful candidate/s will be supportive of the aims and values of the Green Party and keen to use their excellent communication skills  to help us achieve our aims.

If you would like to try your hand at one or both tasks, with a minimum commitment of only 6 months, then please call Eamonn on 07770 786 419, or drop him a note at eamonn@onolan.uk .  

Don't be shy - we will train you, and get you up to speed quickly, and our Comms officer will be right there to assist you!

Suffolk Coastal Greens on Twitter